Aberflix is a free Higher Education streaming platform with a number of video series tackling issues such as Climate Change, showcasing all the various subjects that we teach and giving advice and guidance on your application to University.

Every month we'll be showcasing a new series, so make sure to check back regularly to discover our new videos.

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Making the Most of...

A webinar series covering all key and hot topics when studying in the Sixth Form.

This webinar series introduces any given topic related to life in the sixth form and beyond. Each webinar will look at a different topic that you'll need to research throughout this period. Watching these webinars will allow you to make the most of Sixth Form, attending University fairs physically and virtually, Open Days and so much more.

Aberystwyth University & Climate Change

Aberystwyth University have developed a number of degrees specifically to ensure students understand and can help develop solutions for the biggest challenge facing the planet and its people today, Climate Change.

World class Aberystwyth academics have created this video series in order to discuss Climate Change alongside their subject areas, from Arts & Humanities to the Sciences.

30 in 30 - FAQs for Higher Education

In this series of videos, the Student Recruitment team at Aberystwyth University will answer over 30 frequently asked questions about Higher Education, in just 30 seconds each.

Feel free to check out the topic you’re most confused about or watch every video to become an expert.

Bear in mind that we’ll try our best to answer these questions on behalf of most Universities, but inevitably some of our questions will mostly apply to Aberystwyth University.


Before, During and Beyond

The Before, During and Beyond series focuses on a particular subject area to introduce the decisions that need to be made before choosing a degree course, the study period itself and how University alumni have succeeded beyond studying the course.

Each subject will have three videos. Before discusses the decisions and preparation that you'll make before choosing and attending your course. During covers what studying the subject at University will entail. Finally, Beyond will feature an alumnus of Aberystwyth University showcasing how the studying the subject has helped in their career.


Videos Coming Soon

In this webinar series we connect with Aberystwyth University’s Healthcare Education Centre, who will introduce key messages regarding their adult and mental health nursing programmes. The Healthcare Education Team, which consist of nursing lecturers, will discuss three key topics in these webinars, which are aimed at supporting you in deciding on a career in nursing and how to prepare your application.

This is an excellent opportunity for all those interested in pursuing a career in nursing to hear from the nursing lecturers at Aberystwyth University and learn more about working within the healthcare sector as a registered nurse.

The Challenges of 2030

This video series views the problems of the not so distant future through the lens of a variety of different subjects.

The aim is to give you an insight into the teaching methods and research of University lecturers whilst discussing the problems that the next generation of students will be facing in the coming decade.

Student Insights

This Student Insights series has 4 episodes focusing on what student life entails.

These episdoes provide you with an insight into the student experience at university. You will hear from current undergraduate students and will receive some handy advice and top tips on Accommodation, Sports, Societies and Location.

Your Guide to Higher Education: Making it from Application to Arrival

This video series aims to support you every step of the way from Application to Arrival. We cover topics such as choosing what & where to study, writing your Personal Statement, what Student Life will be like and finally, making Student Finance easy to understand.

Our Student Recruitment Team continuously work in providing prospective students, teachers and parents with a comprehensive knowledge of higher education.

Drop-in Lessons

Aberystwyth University Academics drop into various schools and colleges across the UK to teach lessons on a variety of different subjects.

You will see what it’s like to be taught by a University lecturer whilst also gaining information relevant to your current studies.

What Admissions Tutors Are Looking For

This series focuses on what Admissions Tutors are looking for when reviewing an application or reading a Personal Statement.

If you’d like a bit of insider information on what to include in your application, then look no further than these videos across 3 different faculties, Arts & Social Sciences, Sciences & Business & Management.

An Introduction to Veterinary Science

Aberystwyth School of Veterinary Science is the first of its kind and the only Veterinary School in Wales.

Part 1 covers topics such as what Vets do, what it takes to become a Vet, how to improve your chances of succeeding in application and why you should study Veterinary Sciences at Aberystwyth University.

Whereas Part 2 is a Q&A session where prospective students provide a series of insightful questions to the immensely knowledgeable Darrel Abernethy, Head of Aberystwyth School of Veterinary Science.

The Politics Series

International Politics seeks to provide the tools to better understand and perhaps enhance relations among peoples, societies, states, organisations, and the resources we share this planet with.

This series, run by world class academics from the department of International Politics, discusses the contemporary issues surrounding International Politics while giving you a taster of university level enquiry and debate.

Welsh Bacc Support

Aberystwyth University, along with The Welsh Parliament and The National Library of Wales ran three sessions to support students studying the Baccalaureate.

The 3 sessions are designed to help you choose a research question, then access reliable sources of information and then finally learning the importance of referencing.


This webinar series introduces the key topics around your wellbeing at University. Wellbeing Practitioners, Accessibility Advisers and current students discuss 4 key topics focusing on your Preparation, Lifestyle, Friendships and General Wellbeing.

Each webinar begins by exploring the topic (e.g. lifestyle), the ‘challenges’ surrounding this linking into real student case studies and what helps to overcome these challenges.