Acceptance Procedure

How do I activate my Aberystwyth University email?

Information services will e-mail you from July onwards with information on how to activate your Aberystwyth University e-mail. As soon as you receive this e-mail you should activate your account. This will ensure there are no delays securing your accommodation. Once your Aberystwyth University e-mail has been activated, all correspondence will be sent to this e-mail so it is important you check it regularly.

When will I receive my accommodation offer?

New Undergraduate Students:

Accommodation offers will be sent on a daily basis (Monday-Friday) provided you have:

1. Selected Aberystwyth University as your Firm University choice.

2. Applied for University Accommodation.

3. Have an unconditional offer.

If you have a conditional offer, this will become unconditional when you have received your exam results provided they meet the requirements of your academic offer.

New Postgraduate Students:

An accommodation offer will be sent once you have fulfilled all the academic requirements detailed in your offer to study at Aberystwyth University.

Current Students:

An accommodation offer will be sent shortly after you have applied for accommodation however, Accommodation Licence Packs may not be sent until the start of Semester 2.


What is the Accommodation Licence Pack?

Once you have accepted your accommodation offer, you will be required to complete the Accommodation Licence Pack (this must be done by the deadline date given to you).

The Accommodation Licence Pack includes:

  • The terms and conditions of your licence agreement (contained within the Residents’ Handbook).
  • Our online payment system to pay the required £100 acceptance fee and to set up a payment plan for your accommodation fees.
  • Information on living in university residences.
  • Online Induction Programme. 

What if I cannot accept my Licence Pack by the deadline?

Once you accept your accommodation offer you will be required to complete the Accommodation Licence Pack by a given deadline date.

Even if you are on holiday, most places should have internet connection which allows you to check your e-mails regularly.

Both your licence agreement and your payment of acceptance fees must be done online.

If there are any further issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I also have accommodation in the private sector - what are my options?

You will need to decide which accommodation you prefer. It is advisable that if you have already signed a contract with either the University or in the private sector, you do not sign for another until you know if you can be released from your current contract – otherwise, you may be liable for two sets of rent. 

Why haven't I been allocated my first choice?

We cannot guarantee you will receive your first choice of accommodation. Your preferences will be used as a guideline and we will make every effort to offer you your preferred accommodation but this is dependent on the availability of rooms at the time of allocation.

Accommodation is allocated by a computerised system on a first come, first served basis in date and time order of application. However, certain students have priority and their accommodation may have been allocated as a higher priority than yours. Please see our Accommodation Priorities Policy for further information.

Can I change my accommodation offer?

Accommodation is allocated on a first come, first served basis. However, before you have arrived, you can contact the Accommodation Office to see if a space has become available in another residence (this cannot be guaranteed). Alternatively, shortly after you have moved in, you are able to complete a transfer request form which may allow you to move rooms – please see our Transfer webpage for further details.