Firmly located in Wales, and with an established international profile across its constituent disciplines, the Department foregrounds research and study of regional, national and international significance in theatre, film, performance and media within a globalised cultural environment. 

Research in Theatre Film and Television Studies (TFTS) foregrounds the study of theatre, film, performance and media within historically, geographically and politically located cultural contexts.There are three Research Groups:

Theatre and Performance Research
Film and Television Research
Welsh Theatre and Media Research

Additionally there are four cross-disciplinary research themes in TFTS: History, Politics, Place and Aesthetics.

REF 2014: TFTS Ranked 6th

REF 2014: Aberystwyth University TFTS department ranked 6th in UK in research power ratings.

We are delighted by the news that in REF 2014 50% of our department's research was judged to be either "world leading" or "internationally excellent", with a further 40% being "internationally recognised" by the national subject panel assessing work in our disciplines. This achievement reflects the excellent quality of the innovative research conducted across our departmental disciplines and embedded in the AU TFTS teaching and learning experience. We are proud of the fact that TFTS returned 28.1 research-active staff to REF leading to an outstanding departmental research power rating ranking of 6th across the UK.  

REF results reflect the fact that research permeates the work of the department having a wide and rich impact on the departmental student experience. The reach of our research embraces the bilingual nature of the department and we are delighted that TFTS made a significant contribution to AU’s Welsh-language return which was the largest in the entire REF. Congratulations to all TFTS staff and students on a success that continues a tradition of inspiring research excellence. 

Research Strategy

The objectives of departmental research are:

  • To engage in original investigations that will lead to significant contributions to knowledge, and to the construction and creation of new knowledge, within the disciplines of theatre, performance, film and television studies
  • To explore the relationships between these disciplines, and how these relate to other academic and creative disciplines and practices
  • To establish meaningful and creative connections between different modes of research and types of output, to enable theory and practice to interrogate each other, and to generate texts, performances, designs, images and ideas which lead to new insights
  • To develop awareness of the ways in which the particular characteristics of theatre, performance and media culture in Wales relate to trans-national activities and international contexts
  • To undertake both scholarly and practical research, and also research which is relevant to the needs of theatre, film and television industries, in order to make a lasting contribution to the development of theatre, film and television in Wales and beyond

The Department draws upon an extensive network of local and global connections and collaborations in order to sustain research into the regional, national and international significance of theatre, performance, film, and screen media within a globalised cultural environment.

Research Events

As part of our commitment to produce and share new and innovative research, the Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies hosts numerous research events every year. Each research event allows students, staff and distinguished speakers from other universities to share and develop their ongoing research in a constructive and supportive environment.

These seminars are open to any students and staff within and outside the university. They are also open to any member of the public and are free to attend. Therefore, if you find an upcoming event that interests you please come along.

For details of upcoming TFTS Research Events, please click here.

Research Group

The identity of the Department derives from the interactivity of its active research groups and its mutually informing relationship with research centres.

Please follow the links below for detailed information about the work of our research groups, and the staff associated with them.

Research Funding

There is a vast range of research related activities and expenses for which you could apply for funding and it is often not as difficult as you might imagine.

A wealth of useful advice, resources and links to internal and external funding sources and procedures may be found in AU’s Research Grant Application Funding Toolkit

Support and advice is available from Research Development Officer, Dr Dafydd Roberts (ext. 8787) who is always happy to listen to your research project ideas and suggest possible sources of funding.   

ILLCA also has a Research Advisory Network whose members can provide insights into the funders’ expectations, and give specialist academic advice on a project's case for support and methodology 

Application forms for Departmental funding may be downloaded from the SharePoint site.