Upcoming Research Events

Here are this Semester's research seminars - a fascinating programme, I'm sure you'll agree! Everybody is very welcome to join us for these. Further details on the speakers and their papers will be circulated nearer the time of the relevant seminar.

Date and Time Speaker and Paper Title Location or Link
19 October, 4:30pm Kim Knowles, ‘Thinking the ecological thought through film’ Cinema, Parry Williams Building
26 October, 1:15pm Centre for Material Thinking lunchtime lecture: Carl Lavery (University of Glasgow), ‘On the need for a lexicon: getting a “taste” for landscape’ via Zoom
2 November,  4:30pm Margaret Ames, ‘Disability, gesture, aesthetics’ Cinema, Parry Williams Building
10 November, 4pm Centre for Material Thinking: artist commission talk with Doug Burton, Aim King, Tanya Syed, Simon Whitehead  Creative Arts Studio (Room 501, Soddy Lab), School of Art
16 November, 1:15pm

Centre for Material Thinking lunchtime lecture: Julie Dind (Brown University), ‘In and On Autistic Terms: Towards an Autistic Theory of Gesture’

via Zoom 
23 November, 4:30pm Heledd Hardy, ‘Troi Tir: Regrow Hemp’ Cinema, Parry Williams Building
30 November, 1:15pm

Centre for Material Thinking lunchtime lecture: Leah Lovett (University College London), ‘Walking in the Posthuman City’

via Zoom 
7 December, 4:30pm

Tom Alcott, ‘The Image of Gareth Bale: Presenting hierarchies, masculinity and national identity through sports stardom’

Cinema, Parry Williams Building
9 December, 4:30pm

Centre for Material Thinking: film screening and Q&A: Hart of the Wood by Benjamin Wigley

Cinema, Parry Williams Building
14 December, 4:30pm

Roger Owen, ‘Cafflogion, Korsakow and The Hero’s Journey

Cinema, Parry Williams Building

Previous Research Events


For a list of our previous research events consult the table below.

Academic Year 2021-22, Semester 2-3

16 February Margaret Ames, Simon Banham, Berit Bliesemann de Guevara, Susan Forster, Lisa McCarty, Milja Kurki, Miranda Whall (Aberystwyth University)
'What is Material Thinking?' 
23 February Liesbeth Groot Nibblelink (Utrecht University)
‘Where Scenography Meets Ecology: Assemblage, Affect and Material Thinking’
16 March Joslin McKinney (University of Leeds)
'The Scenographic City: making sense of urban experience using scenography'
30 March What is Material Thinking? Part 2
27 April Becca Voelcker (Central Saint Martins, UAL)  ‘Land Cinema: Filming Climates in Crisis’
4 May What is Material Thinking? Part 3
11 May Dr Zoe Laughlin
'Adventures in Materials and Making'
25 May Cristina Delgado-Garcia (University of Glasgow) ‘Rethinking character beyond anthropocentrism’

Academic Year 2021-22, Semester 1

20 October 2021 

Heidi Morstang
 (University of Plymouth), ‘Intuitive Interventions: Constructing Documentary Cinematic Narratives’

27 October 2021

Marcy Saude
 (Aberystwyth University), ‘Artists’ Film and Reproductive Labour’

3 November 2021 

Lisa Richards 
(Aberystwyth University), ‘“In essence, a talent show for bakers”: The Great British Bake Off as genre hybrid and cosy commodity’

9 November 2021 



Carrie Noland (University of California, Irvine), ‘Fact and the Materiality of Meaning: Merce Cunningham's Winterbranch

17 November 2021 

Lucy Gough and Piotr Woycicki 
(Aberystwyth University), ‘Mapping the Soul VR

24 November 2021

Bethany Usher 
(Newcastle University), ‘NOTORIOUS: journalism, dramatisation and crime’

1 December 2021

Johanna Isaacson 
(Modesto Junior College, California), ‘Coming of Rage into the Futureless Future: Social Reproduction and Young Women in Contemporary Horror Films’ 

8 December 2021

Bella Merlin 
(University of California, Riverside), ‘Life on Zoom: The Actor as a Practical Researcher’

15 December 2021

Liam Jarvis
 (University of Essex), ‘Immersive Embodiment: Empathy Activism & Postdigital Performances of Care’

Academic Year 2020-21, Semester 1

Date Speaker and Paper Title

21 October 

Glen Creeber, ‘Never Ending Stories: Reconsidering complex TV and the historical evolution of the new multiarc drama serial’ 
4 November  Tanja Beer (Griffith University, Australia), ‘Ecoscenography: An Introduction to Ecological Design for Performance’
11 November  Ffion Jones, ‘How to talk to my Dad and other stories: Gendered, embodied knowledge within a Welsh agricultural context and the importance of listening to farmers in the rewilding debate'

18 November 

Roger Owen, ‘Cafflogion, Endemism and Exile: Returning to a novel by R. Gerallt Jones

2 December 

Joanna Zylinska (Goldsmiths, University of London), ‘Hydromedia: From water literacy to aqueous politics’

9 December

Janet McCabe (Birkbeck, University of London), ‘Divided Bodies, Crossing Borders, Transnational Encounters: towards a feminist approach to transnational TV studies’

Academic Year 2020-21, Semester 2

Date Speaker and Paper Title

3 February 2021 

Marie Cronqvist (Lund University), ‘The entangled television histories of Scandinavia and East Germany: Influences and exchanges across the Baltic Iron Curtain’

10 February 2021 

Kath Bicknell (Macquarie University, Australia), 'Staying alert to risk and bodily vulnerability in performance and training: a cognitive ethnographic study on the static trapeze' (Performance, Media and Sport series)

17 February 2021 

Rachel Hann (Northumbria University), ‘Decolonizing Scenography: A case study on Rosie Elnile's Prayer (2020)’

24 February  2021 

Sarah Crews (University of South Wales) & Solomon Lennox (Northumbria University), ‘Soft Borders and menstrual tensions: Resisting hegemonic narratives in boxing’ (Performance, Media and Sport series)

3 March 2021 

Johanna Karlsson (Aberystwyth University), ‘Laying Claim to the Power One Desires: How the #women2drive Campaign Changed Traffic in Saudi Arabia’

10 March 2021 

Tasha Kitcher (Loughborough University), ‘Electrophone: the Victorian precursor to live streaming’
17 March 2021  

Anat Pick (Queen Mary, University of London), ‘Permacinema: Vegetal Ethics in Eric Rohmer's The Green Ray

14 April 2021   Harry Heuser (Aberystwyth University), ‘The Gothic of Audition: Audionarratology, Transdisciplinarity and Old-Time Radio Listening as Self-Othering’ 
21 April 2021   Amy Daniel (Aberystwyth University), 'Ghosts of My Life - a hauntological documentary on the works of Mark Fisher'
5 May 2021  

Shannon Walsh (Louisiana State University, USA), ‘Shifting Affinities: Sports and Theatre During the Pandemic’ (Performance, Media and Sport series)

19 May 2021 

Lucy Gough (Aberystwyth University), ‘Footnotes to a Snowglobe’