Studying Abroad

Ottawa, Canada

Explore other cultures

Aberystwyth University offers you the opportunity of a lifetime to study, volunteer or work in another country for an academic year, a single semester or a few weeks during your holidays. Take the opportunity to explore other cultures, challenge yourself and gather experiences that will help with your career.

Studying at one of our partner universities can offer you a new perspective on your subject and the opportunity to deepen and supplement your studies at Aberystwyth. Time spent exploring a new culture can also sharpen your interpersonal and communication skills, improve your language ability, and broaden your international mindset.

Find out where you can go as a student in the Department of English and Creative Writing.

We also offer our English Studies and TESOL degree scheme with an integrated year abroad or with an integrated year in industry, giving you the opportunity to gain experience Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, or living and studying abroad for a full academic year.

Click on the tabs below to find out more about the studying abroad experiences of some of our students and how they benefited from the programme.

Chloe Deltufo

"I studied for a semester at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Guelph was a great place to study, it is a small and pretty town with plenty of shops, cafes, parks, and good nightlife. It is only an hour away from Toronto which I found easy to get to by bus. 

The University had a great international student department that put on events and trips. Through the department I was able to make friends with fellow students from around the world, who I am still in touch with now. I was also able to go on trips to Niagra Falls and New York which was amazing.

I was very nervous about going abroad to study but it was one of the best decisions I have made. The experience increased my confidence, self-esteem and outlook on life and I would strongly encourage other students to take up the opportunity to study abroad."

Abbey Pepper

"I was lucky enough to spend my year abroad in Ohio at Bowling Green State University. My time at BGSU was incredibly enjoyable and allowed me to meet an entirely new group of people that introduced me to a new culture I hadn’t experienced before. The highlight of my time abroad was the opportunity to engage in workshops with writers from walks of life completely different from my own, this offered new perspectives and ideas on my work that allowed me to improve greatly. Additionally, the opportunity to live day to day in a new culture inspired me to use my own experiences in my writing. This allowed me to write stories that were new and exciting while being completely different from my previous work. I was also given the opportunity to establish connections with writers across the globe that has allowed me to expand my own community of writers outside Aberystwyth. Personally, many of the people I met during my time at BGSU have become lifelong friends that I have had the pleasure of connecting with even after my year abroad was complete. I am forever grateful for this opportunity!"

Abbey Pepper, Creative Writing (USA, 2019-20)