The main focus of the Department’s research is on four chronological periods – Medieval, Early Modern, Modern British and European and Modern Wales – and three thematic areas: Historiography, Technological, Scientific and Medical History, and Media History.

In addition, the Department maintains traditional strengths in, in the broadest terms, religious, political, cultural, social and economic history.

In terms of its research agenda, the Department aims to:

  • Generate and disseminate new research
  • Transfer research knowledge and skills to all graduates
  • Support and find opportunity to develop collaborative activity, both within the Department and with partners in other universities in the UK and beyond

In relation to these broad research aims the following pages illustrate the Department’s research activity.

The research of members of the Department can be found under their individual pages - Staff Research.

The work of postgraduates and postgraduate provision can be found at Postgraduate Studies in History.

Members of the department combine to work in centres:

  • Centre for Media History;
  • Centre for the Social and Cultural History of Wales;
  • Centre for Research in Historiography and Historical Culture.

We also run or are involved in major research projects. Present examples are described at Departmental Research Projects.