Photo of Norliha Binti Mohd DinNorliha Binti Mohd Din

BSc Econ Information & Library Studies

1.Why did you choose to study at Aberystwyth?

Aberystwyth was one of the top choices for Bruneians who wish to take Information & Library Studies however; I was more impressed on where this University was located. It’s such a tranquil and lovely place to stroll around after a busy day. This town have a very unique way to make everyone smile and I’m just hooked straight away.

2.What are your impressions of the course, teaching staff and the department?

I had to say… I was worried at first if I couldn’t cope up with the whole environment. English is not my first language and welsh was nowhere near either. The whole staff from the Information Studies department have all the help that I need to overcome my every concern; friendly, warm and helpful. Furthermore, the course have touched important aspects to prepare me to become a librarian or now better known as, Information Professionals. In fact, this whole experience gives me motivation to develop my own personal skills and broaden my perspective and goals.

3.What do you think of the University in general?

Full with surprises! I was amazed such academic institution had opened my eyes not just on education; I gain knowledge about the culture, entertainment, the wonderful places and the lovely people just from inside the vicinity of the University itself! There were a lot of useful brochures, contact numbers and essential information and facts online that made it easier to discover the beauty of the town.

4.What do you think of Aberystwyth, the town, people and area?

What NOT to think about this town? It’s true that there were some struggle to settle down here. This town was nonetheless a haven for students. It was worth the journey and I adore the people here! Even though there is a language barrier between us, their sincerity and friendliness was quite obvious. I’m sure I need more pages if I am to write a daily journal throughout my years studying here; it’s just my first year and yet, there are so many memories already!

5.Would you recommend studying at Aber to other international students?

I would definitely put this University on my top list especially if they prefer somewhere challenging yet calm. The difficulties I have to face here only made me realised my inner strength and apart from that I have gain an amazing memory in return. I’m so looking forward with my 2nd and 3rd year here. The only advice I will add up to those students who are interested is to make sure to bring a camera. There is always at least a shot worth taking here!