The Old College Appeal

The Old College needs your help.

Imagine all the stories, memories and friendships that the Old College has been part of over the years. This historic building means so much to hundreds - thousands - of past students, staff and community.

We can't let this iconic building, and all these memories, fade away. 

The Old College is a vital part of Aber’s history and needs to be preserved and restored, to be fit for future use in a twenty-first century world. 

By donating a gift of £50 you can give the Old College a new lease of life. You will give future generations the chance to start their own story in the Old College.

You can help provide life-changing opportunities within this unique and historic building. 

Without the Old College, a huge part of Aber’s history, and all the stories and memories it contains, will fade away.  

A gift of £50 from you will make all the difference. Together, we can save this rare treasure. 

Whether you were here five years ago, or fifty, you can be part of the future of the Old College. 

Aberystwyth University has always punched above its weight in so many ways. The plans for the Old College are no different.

To find out more about the spaces and facilities in the Old College, visit the Old College plans