Statement following the death of George Floyd

05 June 2020

Over the past week we have come to learn of the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, USA.

This moment should remind us as individuals  and as a university that we, like many other institutions, have much more work to do in tackling the scourge of racism, including structural racism, in our society.

As an institution of higher education, we have an obligation to fight ignorance and intolerance, model inclusivity and embrace the power that diversity represents. 

We must challenge hatred and bias. We must not accept apathy or indifference, otherwise we allow hatred, prejudice and intolerance to grow.

We stand in solidarity with all who live in fear that the colour of their skin, gender identity, ethnicity or religion makes them a target of hate.

Aberystwyth University is committed to disrupting hate, bias and racism whenever and wherever we encounter it, and to creating the most inclusive and diverse community that we possibly can – one that is free of discrimination; one that embraces differences; and one that respects all individuals. 

We want our black colleagues and students to know that we are committed to listening, discussing and learning in order to make positive progress.

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