Aberystwyth takes part in energy saving campaign

Switch off your computer for Blackout

Switch off your computer for Blackout

11 November 2014

For the second year, Aberystwyth University will be participating in Blackout this Friday 14 November, an energy saving campaign run by the National Union of Students which aims to turn off all unnecessary office equipment over a weekend.

The University is committed to reducing its energy consumption, to tackling sustainability issues across campuses and aims to involve as many students and staff as possible.

The Environmental Graduate Trainee at Aberystwyth University, Christopher Woodfield, explains, “Last year, staff and students gave up their Friday night to take part in Blackout and the aims this year is to get more people on board.

“Teams spend the evening recording and switching off non-essential equipment in buildings across the University. This is a great opportunity to meet new people, work together with like-minded individuals, and help the University improve its environmental performance.

“Afterwards, volunteers can enjoy a free dinner and a Fair Trade hoodie.”

Energy consumption will be monitored before and after the event to calculate savings over the weekend. Last year, estimates show a 50% reduction in electricity usage over the weekend that the Blackout took place.

Christopher adds, “Blackout highlights the significant financial and environmental impact that we can all have on energy consumption. By turning off our computers and other unnecessary electrical items, this could reduce our annual energy consumption by 10% and save the University £128,000 a year.

"These simple actions will contribute to working towards the University’s Carbon Management Strategy which outlines a 30% carbon reduction by 2020.

“The results from the first year show that many staff are already in the habit of switching things off, but there's always more we can do.”

Last year Penbryn P5 building was the basis of the blackout at Aberystwyth, and this year there are plans to have more buildings involved with greater involvement from staff and students.

If you would like to get involved and volunteer on the night or need more information contact Christopher Woodfield on sustainability@aber.ac.uk or register for the event here.