A Firm Foundation: IBERS Marine and Freshwater Biology student graduates with first-class honours

Anouk Milewski

Anouk Milewski

21 July 2017

Graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Marine and Freshwater Biology this week, IBERS student Anouk Milewski explains how a foundation year helped her to achieve a First-class degree.

Originally, from the United States but having also lived in France and the UK, Anouk did not have the science qualifications necessary for direct entry onto a three-year science degree. She therefore chose to enter higher education via our four-year BSc Life Sciences course, which includes a foundation year.

Anouk says, “The foundation year taught me the fundamentals of biology and I was then able to transfer onto the three-year Marine and Freshwater Biology course”.

Dr Pippa Moore, Reader and Scheme Coordinator of BSc (Hons) Marine and Freshwater Biology at IBERS says, “Coming from a non-science background, the Life Sciences course was an ideal pathway for Anouk. She has excelled throughout her studies, something which I have no doubt she will continue to do in her chosen career”.

Anouk says, “The degree was fascinating and the transition from the foundation year to the three-year degree seamless, thanks to the extensive support I received from all my lecturers”.

Anouk’s dissertation was on Sacculina Carcini, a barnacle parasite that feminises crabs, which has extended her area of interest into the field of parasitology. Her long-term goal is to study for a PhD and build a career in research.