Jianzhong Wu

Dr Jianzhong Wu graduated from Aber in 1991 with a PhD in Information Studies and works as a Counselor of the Shanghai Municipal Government. He was previously Director of the Shanghai Library and in 2011 he was made a Fellow of the University.

What do you remember most about your time at Aber?

Aber is my second home town. The three years of studying in Aber were an unforgettable experience in my life. It is a town of knowledge. When I immersed myself in the thesis, I often visited the National Library of Wales, the Hugh Owen Library and the DILS Library. The rich information resources and learning/teaching facilities have given me inspiration for writing.

What are you doing now career-wise and how has your Aberystwyth Degree helped?

I have published 30 books and hundreds of articles since I left Aber. Aber is also a lively town and taking a stroll to the beautiful promenade was my favourite. I love Aber because it offers me fresh air for free thinking and a useful guide for future challenges.

What advice would you have for a student doing your course now?

For those who are doing the course for librarianship, my advice is simple. Be prepared for change. Your job is not only about books, but also about people and society.