10.26 Roles and Responsibilities of Admissions Tutors

1. The designated admissions tutor(s) within each academic department is responsible to the relevant Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor for the management of admissions to that department.

2. Departments may have more than one admissions tutor. In these cases, there will be one member of staff appointed to co-ordinate the operation of selection and to liaise with the Admissions Office.

3. Departments are asked to confirm the names and contact details of admissions tutors prior to the start of each admissions cycle, and should notify the Admissions Office promptly should this change during the course of the year.

4. New admissions tutors, or those returning to the role following a period of absence, are invited to contact the Admissions Office to arrange initial training on the current admissions systems and processes in place. Further training and support is provided by the Admissions Office to all admissions tutors in the form of training sessions to support activities such as Clearing, or bespoke sessions/advice for individual admissions tutors/departments as required. Email bulletins are also circulated to admissions tutors, Heads of academic department and other stakeholders on various admissions related matters as required.

5. Admissions tutors will be invited to attend the University’s Recruitment Action Group, the minutes of which are reported to the Recruitment and Marketing Board. In addition to discussing recruitment activities and events, admissions training and information dissemination takes place on a regular basis.

6. In respect of the processing of undergraduate applications, admissions tutors have the following overall responsibilities:

(i) The admissions tutor will give responsible advice and will consult with the Admissions Office, as necessary.

(ii) The admissions tutor will work within the University’s and UCAS deadlines to ensure prompt and efficient decision-making.

(iii) The admissions tutor will liaise with tutors in other Faculties / Departments in the case of Joint Honours applicants and applicants to inter-departmental degree schemes to make decisions jointly.

(iv) The admissions tutor will take the entire portfolio of evidence into account, as presented by the UCAS form, and will request further evidence as necessary. It is not the case at Aberystwyth that decisions are made solely on the basis of predicted level grades. The admissions tutor will also ensure that mature age students are given every opportunity to discuss their individual case.

(v) The admissions tutor will liaise with the Admissions Office in all cases where there are implications for other areas within the institution e.g. in cases of student support, disability, financial status, discipline, etc.

(vi) The admissions tutor will support the implementation of the University’s admissions policies, and will be responsible for implementing and maintaining the Faculty / Department's stated policy criteria on admissions.

(vii) The admissions tutor will not communicate with an applicant who has declined our offer or with an applicant whose record has been cancelled.

(viii) The admissions tutor will adhere to the Code of Practice in the use of the networked Aberystwyth Admissions System (AStRA and APEX).

(ix) Neither the University nor the Faculty / Department can take responsibility for advice given over the phone. Misunderstandings can often arise. It is therefore the responsibility of the admissions tutor to ensure that advice proffered is not misleading. Important advice e.g. with regards to eligibility for consideration, should be followed up in writing.

(x) The admissions tutor will draw the faculties attention (through the Admissions Office) to any serious inconsistencies between the personal statement and the reference and will be vigilant concerning false statements, omissions or misrepresentations in the application form.

(xi) The admissions tutor should ask their department to inform the Admissions Office of any prolonged period of absence e.g. through illness. The Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor or Head of Department should then inform the Admissions Office of the replacement.

(xii) The admissions tutor should be in office for an entire admissions cycle to ensure continuity between offer making and decisions concerning acceptance. It is essential that the admissions tutor should be present during Confirmation and Clearing.

(xiii) The admissions tutor is responsible to the Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor and Head of Department (where applicable) for ensuring best practice in admission. The admissions tutor will be mindful of the University’s need to recruit students who have the potential to progress and succeed at the University.