Order of Ceremonies

Order of Ceremonies for Graduation 2023 for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

Graduation will take place 18th July to the 20th July 2023.

List of Study Schemes showing the Degree Ceremony.

Tuesday 18 July


Ceremony 1: 10.00am
Aberystwyth Business School
Ceremony 3: 4.30pm
Geography and Earth Sciences
Welsh and Celtic Studies
Ceremony 2: 1.30pm
Theatre, Film and Television Studies     
English and Creative Writing

Wednesday 19 July


Ceremony 4: 10.00am
Law and Criminology

Ceremony 5: 1.30pm
History and Welsh History
International Politics

Thursday 20 July


Ceremony 6: 10.00am
Information Studies
Life Sciences
Ceremony 8: 4.30pm
Life Sciences
Modern Languages
Ceremony 7: 1.30pm
Computer Science