Aberystwyth University holds a large and diverse range of archival material, most of which has been either collected by the University to support its research and teaching or bequeathed to the University. A large archive also exists of records created by the University, including early material relating to its establishment in 1872.

Please note that although items in the University archives may include items of genealogical interest, we do not offer a genealogical search facility and staff are unable to undertake such searches. We regret that we are unable to undertake any extensive research involving our archives, but we are happy to provide assistance to enable researchers to make effective use of our collections.

Online Catalogue

The catalogue can be accessed from the following link:

Archives Catalogue via Archives Hub

Most collections are currently listed only to fonds or series level, but work to add further detail to the descriptions is on-going.  It is by no means a comprehensive list of all the archival material held by the university.  If you require further information on any archival collections, then please contact the archives.