About Us

Here to help

The Student Well-being Service understands the importance of maintaining a healthy wellbeing to enable students to thrive in their time here at Aberystwyth University and beyond. We are here to help any student with concerns about wellbeing and our aim is to help individuals build lifelong skills to equip them on their life’s journey.

Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2020-2023

What we do

We have a range of options to help students gain control of any well-being issue. Whether it is an issue about friendship, bereavement, anxiety or workload stress, mild to moderate or severe and enduring mental health issues, our qualified practitioners will help guide students through a solution focused approach, to help build resilience and develop a toolkit of skills with support signposting pathways to effectively manage life’s difficulties.

How to access help

Anyone with concerns about themselves or another student can contact our service. We have secure online registration forms that enable us to gain more information about the concerns. One of our practitioners will then invite you to make an appointment with us and/or email you to provide some helpful suggestions about other support options. You can also telephone or email us.

Registration forms are available on the How to Access Us page.

Email: studentwellbeing@aber.ac.uk  Telephone: 01970621761/2087

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Support options

We have a range of online help and advice from materials, useful links, apps, and web based platforms to training sessions that can complement any 1:2:1 support with either our Mental Health Specialists or Counsellors. You may require specialist help and our practitioners will guide you in the process of accessing the most appropriate support, either internally or externally to the University.


Free 24/7 help and advice. Offering anonymised chats, self assessments and training modules on a range of mental health and well-being issues.

Crisis, emergency help

It is important to get the right help quickly if there are concerns about safety. Our crisis information page informs on how to access urgent or emergency help. 


We advise seeking help and advice regarding wellbeing issues as soon as possible. Acting swiftly will give you more control of the situation, whilst promoting recovery and helping to enhance your everyday engagement with life.