COVID-19 Gym Guidelines

COVID-19 guidelines for the Main Gym and Free Weights

  • Before you can access the gym, you must go through the virtual gym induction online 
  • Only members can access the gym and we are not open to pay on the door customers sorry. All sessions must be booked in advance, and you are only able to book one slot per day until the restrictions are lifted.
  • When booking, please give us your name and phone number, with the time that you wish to attend the gym.  Sessions are on the hour and last for 50 minutes.
  • To book your gym sessions up to 7 days in advance, go to
  • There are two options when booking for the gym areas, the main gym and the free weights gym.
  • The main gym includes all of the strength and cardiovascular fitness machines and is located in the main hall and the first floor.
  • The free weights gym includes the free weights room and plate-loaded room.
  • You will not be able to switch between these two areas during your session.
  • The capacity for the main gym area is 25 people, and the capacity for the free weights is 6 people.  
  • Please arrive ready for the activity, changing rooms will not be available for gym users.
  • All of the equipment in the main gym has been moved to be socially distant, and are now located in the main sports hall with only the treadmills located upstairs. Please follow the social distancing guidelines at all times.
  • In the free weights room, you will be allocated a platform, and the equipment will already be set up on the platform, to limit movement around the room, and please follow social distance guidelines at all times in the building. 
  • We ask that you sanitise the piece of equipment you are using before and after use, you will be provided with cleaning equipment.
  • Additional staff will be on duty to supervise customers and ensure that our cleaning and social distancing requirements are being followed.
  • Once the session time ends, please follow the one-way system out of the facility.