23 May 2015

Aberystwyth University’s Finance and Strategy Committee, in its meeting on Friday 22 May, approved a resolution that underlines the University’s commitment to the Welsh Language and Culture and the provision of dedicated Welsh medium accommodation within the University.

The resolution calls for the next steps to be undertaken to build on the contribution made by the Pantycelyn Working Group, on detailed proposals on the future of Pantycelyn, taking into account the demand for Welsh medium accommodation, the priorities of the University and the provision of necessary funding, and for this work to be done in full consultation with UMCA and the student body.

The resolution underlines the determination to provide facilities, lecture spaces and amenities of the highest standards throughout the University in order to provide the best possible student experience in Aberystwyth. To do this in Pantycelyn and make it fit for purpose, it notes that Pantycelyn should close at the end of this term as accommodation.

The resolution includes a commitment for the University’s Executive to work with UMCA and the student body to make alternative arrangements for Welsh medium accommodation on the Penglais campus from September 2015.

The resolution confirms the recommendation made by the University’s Executive that certain Welsh language services should move to Pantycelyn to maintain the links with Welsh language activities, and assuring that Pantycelyn continues to play a significant part in the Welsh language community.

Dr Tim Brain, Chairman of the Finance and Strategy Committee said: “We have today had a lengthy, rigorous and comprehensive discussion on the future of Pantycelyn.  It has been decided to recommend to the University Council that the hall should close as a residence (for a period to be determined) at the end of this term.  The building will, however, be used by the University’s Welsh Language Services Centre, Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol offices and the Welsh for Adults team. The committee has further recommended that the long term future use of the building will be subject to a comprehensive feasibility study, building on the work undertaken by the Working Group.  We recognise and understand the concerns raised by student residents and their representatives. Those views were fully represented at today’s meeting. These are recommendations.  They will now go forward for determination by The University’s Council in June.”