Introduction to Archaeology for Beginners

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Since the very beginning, humans have shown an interest in uncovering our own past and telling stories about ourselves. This module will introduce the history, methods, and themes which define modern archaeological practice as well as key skills and concepts, taught through case studies drawn from the broad record of archaeological periods in England and Wales. Who were the first archaeologists? This module will introduce archaeological terms concepts and skills in the context of wider intellectual traditions and cultural movements to understand how and why the study of the human past came about. How do archaeologists know what they know? The methods and techniques of archaeological practice will be presented through a series of practical exercises which simulate modern practices at an archaeological site and in post-excavation analysis. How are artefacts or sites used to explain past human behaviour? The themes of domestic life in settlements, death and burial, and ritual and religion are presented with case studies which illuminate the worlds of the past.

This course enables you to study from home and participate in an online community of other students. The module is delivered through Blackboard, our online learning environment.
This course can be studied as a stand-alone course, but it is also an optional module for the Certificate of Higher Education in Genealogical Studies at Aberystwyth University.

Critique of a historical excavation - 500 words (30%)
Portfolio and reflective assignment - 800 words (70%)


This module is at CQFW Level 4