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We are all busy re-training and boosting our CVs with new knowledge since Covid -19.

Statistics show that there has been a dramatic upsurge in adults engaging in learning this year which has promoted a development initiative within Lifelong Learning to separate many of our Professional Development courses within the subject areas and highlight these into an easily accessed platform.

As our economy rapidly runs towards the ‘Industry 4.0’, some of us are keeping our eyes on how employment will change.  Taking control of our skill development is our responsibility as an individual. Employers are looking for core skills that link to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.  Large employers are expecting to undertake a 50% retrain of staff in the next five years. Honing human skills that can’t be replicated by computers is important for us to be able to adapt and move forward. The skills of communication, problem solving, self-management and negotiation will all be essential and attractive to employers as well as digital literacy skills.    

Are you a career-changer? Covid has also seen workers re-evaluate their life, downsize and realise that the job they are doing does not support a healthy life balance. You may want to be an entrepreneur or set up a social enterprise. A career pivot can be a complex process and can take a while to investigate. You may need to seek out further expertise and help as you attempt to identify and acquire new skills as you shift your career path. 

How does online learning work?

All our short modules are self-paced and online which means that you can access the study units in your own time so that it does not interfere with your other commitments. All modules are written as small units of study complemented with activities and tasks so that you learn and gain regular feedback from your tutor. We advise you to undertake your learning like a face-to-face class and check in weekly to help with motivation. Your tutor will be on hand, by email and there will be an online face-to-face Tutorial to establish your final assessment task.

We have many new online courses this year, so lots of training to choose from that will help give you the edge for applying for a new job or you might just want to enrol on the course because you are interested in it.

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Student Testimonials

What our students say…

’Thank you very much for your feedback and thank you for this amazing course. I not only learned a lot but also enjoyed it very much!’

‘Your comments and support have been very helpful to me and I certainly do feel that I have come a long way with my skills so I'm really looking forward to the next course.’