Paperclay: Pushing boundaries

Course Details

Module Code: XA27810

Class Code: CW300

Place: Arts Centre

Venue: Aberystwyth

Day: Friday

Start Time: 10am

End Time: 3pm

Start Date: 21-04-2023

End Date: 30-06-2023

Tutor: Upton, Shelley(Mrs)

Other Date(s):

Full Fee: £125.00

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This course, which is very much about you and extending your working style, is designed to help you push the boundaries and take a step further with your ceramic studies. You will explore the possibilities of adding additional materials to a clay body, and find out how you can take advantage of the extra resilience offered by the addition of paper and paper pulp to the clay. You may also wish to consider adding other non-traditional materials, either in the construction or decoration of your finished piece.

This is an advanced module in ceramic modelling module aimed at stretching and challenging students to widen their subject knowledge and skills within this subject. Like other Level 2 modules, students will be required to write a statement of intent and prepare for this module with pre-course study.


This module is at CQFW Level 5