Peat and Peatlands in Wales

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The course will begin with a review of world peatlands and how peat and peatlands form. The vegetational and structural history of peatlands in Wales will then be considered in this wider context. The course will look at the human, physical, and biological history of peatlands concentrating on Cors Fochno but with reference to other Welsh sites. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the ecology and conservation needs of both plants and animals of these peatlands. The course will then briefly examine peatland utilisation past and present and discuss how the habitat can be protected into the future by reference to scientific research and legislation.  
1. A 1500-word illustrated essay on a topic chosen from the list of titles each title based on one of the course units. (60%). 
2. A 500-word report on "Peatlands in my part of the world”  (20%). 
3. Course quizzes (20%).  


This module is at CQFW Level 4