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The following page provides details of all documents relating to Aberystwyth University's Health, Safety and Environment Management System. For further information relating to any of these documents, please contact the Health, Safety and Environment Team at or on extension 2073.

Health and Safety Policy

The Health and Safety Policy identifies the key elements of the University’s health and safety management system, and details the commitment towards maintaining and improving the health, safety and welfare of staff, students and others who may be affected by our activities.

All members of staff should familiarise themselves with the University’s Health and Safety Policy.

P016 Health and Safety Policy (Currently Under Review) January 2021

Policies and Procedures

P001 Procedure for the Reporting of Incidents and Cases of Occupational Ill Health June 2018
P002 Procedure for the Disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) May 2016
P003 Estates Department Procedure for the Management of Contractors July 2017
P004 Health, Safety and Environment Internal Audit Terms of Reference December 2017
P005 Business Continuity Plan February 2017
P006 Biodiversity Plan July 2017
P007 Lone Working Policy February 2016
P008 Smoking Policy March 2018
P009 Travel Policy October 2016
P010 Portable Appliance Testing Policy November 2017
P011 Young Persons' Policy November 2017
P012 Display Screen Equipment Policy June 2017
P013 Radiation Safety Policy June 2017
P014 Waste Management Policy February 2017
P015 Personal Protective Equipment Policy June 2015
P019 Communication and Consultation Procedure February 2022


F001 Premises Management Inspection Checklist N/A N/A March 2018
F002 New or Expectant Mothers Risk Assessment Checklist F002 (Word) F002 (PDF) May 2018
F003 Risk Assessment Template F003 (Word) F003 (PDF) July 2016
F004 Health and Safety Inspection Checklist F004 (Word) F004 (PDF) November 2016
F005 Health, Safety and Environment Induction Report F005 (Word) F005 (PDF) December 2016
F006 Overseas Travel Risk Assessment F006 (Word) F006 (PDF) October 2017
F007 Incident Report Form F007 (Word) F007 (PDF) F007 (Large Font) May 2013
F008 DSEAR Risk Assessment N/A F008 (PDF) May 2022
F009 VDU Workstation Checklist F009 (Word) F009 (PDF) N/A
F010 COVID-19 Activity Risk Assessment Form F010 (Word) F010 (PDF) July 2020
F011 DSE Workstation Self-Assessment Form F011 (Word)  F011 (PDF)  June 2020
F012 Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan Questionnaire and (PEEP) Form F012 (Word) F012 (PDF) June 2019