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Course Times:  09:30 - 16:30

Hybrid Working Bundle

Course Aims:

    • Creating & Maintaining Wellbeing Culture in a Hybrid Workplace: explore ways of ensuring that the team culture supports the wellbeing of individuals and the performance of the team in hybrid workplace.
    • Engaging Effectively in a Hybrid Workplace: explore ways of ensuring effective communication and inclusion in a hybrid workplace.
    • Managing Performance in a Hybrid Workplace: explore benefits and principles of output focused performance management in a hybrid workplace.

Course Objectives:

    • Understand how culture is created
    • Explore the ways culture can create threat and reward response and increase or decrease wellbeing
    • Identity checklist for increasing wellbeing culture in hybrid workplace
    • Understand the communication considerations, benefits and challenges in hybrid workplace
    • Explore keys steps for creating an effective communication strategy in hybrid workplace
    • Identity good practice for inclusive communication in your hybrid workplace
    • Understand the benefits and challenges of managing by output and outcomes
    • Understand the leadership activities that focus on outputs and outcomes
    • Have a plan for how you can adapt your leadership activities to focus on outputs and outcomes in hybrid workplace


  • 07/09/2022 - English Only - Code 10057


Personal Impact & Effectiveness

Course Aims:

To develop confidence and conviction when dealing with others at work

Course Objectives:

    • Describe and demonstrate how to create impact and build confidence
    • Explain the importance of self-awareness in managing your personal impact
    • Audit your current impact on others
    • Demonstrate an ability to communicate appropriately with others, including senior managers
    • Identify what others may want and expect from them
    • Explain the importance of taking responsibility
    • Describe the key benefits of networking and build a networking plan
    • Explain the importance of personal organisation, prioritisation, and time management


  • English – 19/10/22 - Code 10058
  • Cymraeg - 15/02/23 - Côd - 10063

Recruitment Selection and Recruitment Skills

Course Aims: To identify the key steps that are required to establish an effective recruitment and selection process that supports organisations in selecting the right people for posts.

Course Objectives:

    • Explain the business benefits of using a structured recruitment and selection process
    • Identify the legislation that governs recruitment and selection
    • Describe how job specifications can be written to encourage strong applicants
    • State the different methods an organisation may utilise for the application process
    • Describe how interviewers can effectively prepare to interview candidates
    • Explain how to help candidates perform effectively at interview
  • English – 19/10/22 - Code 10059
  • Cymraeg – 18/01/23 - Côd - 10064

Managing your Team

Course Aims: To provide delegates with the essential skills to lead, organise and motivate to obtain the best performance from a team by gaining maximum effort, commitment, and co-operation from team members in the achievement of objectives

Course Objectives:

    • Identify the skills and characteristics of successful team leaders
    • Understand the different leadership styles and strategies for team development
    • Understand how to develop your teams’ strengths
    • Manage different personalities and encourage mutual respect for harmonious team working
    • Manage team meetings and briefings and delegate duties effectively
    • Resolve conflict and deal with difficult circumstances positively and confidently
    • Maintain on-going continuous development of the team.


  • Cymraeg - 09/11/22  - Côd - 10065
  • English – 07/12/22 - Code 10060



Performance Management

Course Aims: To enable participants to develop the skills needed to improve their performance management effectiveness

Course Objectives:

    • Explain how effective performance management helps their organisation to achieve their strategic objectives
    • Describe how to manage performance effectively
    • Explain what makes a performance management discussion successful
    • Describe how to conduct effective performance reviews.
  • Cymraeg – TBC
  • English – 30/11/22 - Code  - 10061

Introduction to Project Management

  • English only :
    • Part One - 16/11/22 & Part Two 12/11/22 -  PROJMAN221 & PROJMAN 222
    • Part One - 10/01/23 & Part Two 17/01/23 -  PROJMAN231 & PROJMAN 232

Course Aims: To equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage projects.

Course Objectives:

    • Understand the skills and competencies required to lead a project
    • Know and be able to articulate the qualities of a good project manager and how to motivate teams
    • Recognise and effectively manage risks within all types of project work
    • Understand the cycle of a project: project initiation, definition, planning, delivery, and closure
    • Understand time and resources necessary for a project
    • Structure how to schedule activities and monitor progress during a project
    • Identify how to communicate effectively with others involved in or affected by a project
    • Know how to close a project, reviewing success against plans, budgets and benefits
    • Recognise and build key project management skills such as delegating, prioritising, tasking, and listening
    • Practice dealing with poor performance or disruptive team members
    • Build a personal development plan to further develop their capability after the event

This is part 1 of the course - part 2 is on the following week where you will learn how to access and use the Project Management processes here at the University. Please book onto both courses.