10.16 The Applicant's Decision

Successful applicants will notify the University of how they wish to proceed with their offer either through UCAS Track, in the case of UCAS applicants, or by returning the Offer Reply Form, for those making a direct application or applying via the Common Application.

1. Acceptance

In accepting an offer at Aberystwyth University, applicants confirm the following:

  • that they accept the terms of the offer made to them
  • agree to the University continuing to process their data; and
  • that they wish to accept their offer of the place.

At this stage, acceptance of a place is not confirmation that the applicant will actually register. They may withdraw or defer at a later stage.

Applicants are required to meet all the conditions attached to their offer before being able to register.

Non-UK nationals must pay a non-refundable tuition fee deposit unless they have provided evidence of sponsorship to cover relevant tuition fees, or are exempted for any other reason (see Appendix 4).

Distance Learning applicants are not required to provide evidence that they can meet the costs of the course as most are in employment and opt to pay per module. Some students are sponsored by their employers. All distance learning applicants must pay a non-refundable Registration Fee.

Applicants requiring a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) in order to apply for a Student Visa, must meet all conditions attached to their offer before the CAS can be issued. Where relevant, the Undergraduate Admissions Office will also be required to seek evidence that the applicant has sufficient funds (for themselves and also any dependents that they intend to bring with them to the UK) in their own account for the requisite 28-day period, as required by the UKVI.

2. Deferral

1. Applicants may request to defer the commencement of their studies by one academic year by contacting the Undergraduate Admissions Office at: ug-admissions@aber.ac.uk

2. All requests for deferral must be approved by the University, and the outcome will be confirmed with the applicant by the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

3. Withdrawal

1. Applicants wishing to withdraw their application to study at Aberystwyth University may do so either through UCAS Track, or, in the case of direct applicants, by notifying the Undergraduate Admissions Office at: ug-admissions@aber.ac.uk

2. Following withdrawal, an applicant may be asked to complete the relevant Decliner’s Survey.