10.14 Criminal Convictions

1. The University aims to provide opportunities for prospective students who are capable of benefiting from, and successfully completing, a degree or other scheme irrespective of their background. The University also recognises that it has a duty of care in respect of students, staff and visitors.

2. It is the responsibility of individual students to declare any legal restrictions which may impact their own studies and/or present a risk to the safeguarding of University staff and students. Students have responsibility to disclose any legal reasons that limit or prevent them entering university property, and/or working with individuals, and/or working with groups, and/or accessing the internet via the University’s systems and facilities. Please contact the Academic Registry for more information via the confidential e-mail address: arconf@aber.ac.uk. Failure to declare this information to the University may be deemed a breach of the University’s Disciplinary Procedures and penalties may be imposed accordingly.

3. The University’s Policy and Procedure for the Admission of Students with Criminal Convictions can be found in full in Appendix 3.