10.6 Entry Requirements

1. The University operates an inclusive admissions policy which values breadth as well as depth of prior study. Applicants are selected on their individual merits, and offers can vary.

2. Academic Departments, in consultation with the Undergraduate Admissions Office and Planning Department, will be invited each autumn to submit details of their proposed undergraduate entry requirements for the next application cycle. This information will be collated by the Undergraduate Admissions Office in the form of an offer making strategy, presented to the Recruitment and Marketing Board and forwarded to the University Executive for their approval.

3. Approved offer levels will be published on the University’s website, UCAS.com and in the undergraduate prospectus.

4. Admissions Tutors will be informed by the Undergraduate Admissions Office in regard to external curriculum changes and/or qualification reform which could affect future offer making.

5. Enquiries relating to the University’s entry requirements should be directed to ug-admissions@aber.ac.uk