Expenses Notes and Claim Form

1. Travelling costs within the United Kingdom by rail are normally reimbursed at standard class period return rates, unless day returns or 'savers' are available.  First class rail travel may only be claimed BY PRIOR AGREEMENT with the Academic Secretary. Payment for air travel may be approved, provided the total cost does not exceed that of rail travel plus subsistence costs.  The dates of travel, departure point and route of journey must be shown on the 'Fees and Expenses of External Examiner (Research Degrees)' form.

2. Details of these costs and of subsistence and other expenses should be shown on the claim form provided: subsistence expenses will be reimbursed provided details are shown and receipts submitted.  The University has been instructed by the Inland Revenue that all claims for travel, subsistence and related costs must be supported by receipts, till rolls or equivalent  except for the few cases where receipts are retained (ie, certain parking barriers).  Receipts are given on trains, in take-away restaurants etc on request, or till rolls are given.  Expenditure of a personal nature (alcohol from 'mini-bars', newspapers, laundry, private phone calls, videos) should NOT be included in claims for reimbursement.  Please give details as necessary on a separate sheet.

3. The examination fees (ie, excluding any travelling and subsistence expenses) payable to external examiners are normally paid net of tax at the basic rate.  As you are involved in the examination of higher degree theses payment can be made gross if you so wish.  We will, of course, need to be able to account to the Inland Revenue at the end of the tax year for any payments made.  If you wish to be paid gross then please attach a note to that effect to your claim form.

External Examiners Expenses Claim Form