What is a Pre-enrolment Check?

As a new student at Aberystwyth University (or a returning student with a different right to study in the UK) you will be required to attend a Document Check), prior to your registration. This session is compulsory and every Student who holds a Short Term Study Visa/Visit Visa or Student visa must attend in order for their documents to be checked, scanned and uploaded onto our system.

During this pre-enrolment check, you are required to bring with you the following original document/s:

  • A print out of your flight details (your confirmation email or ticket)
  • Passport
  • BRP (if applicable)
  • English Language certificate (if applicable)
  • Academic qualifications
  • Entry clearance letter
  • ATAS certificate (if applicable)

Please note that you will not be able to register unless you have presented us with the above document/s.

Please Note that until further notice the document check will be conducted via email.