Entrance Scholarships Regulations

  1. Scholarships and Merit Awards are open to candidates who will be at least 17 years old by 1st October in the year of entry to university.  Applications from mature students are welcome. but candidates who have been a degree student at any university for more than one semester are NOT permitted to sit the Entrance Exams.
  2. Candidates must submit an online application form by the closing date as published, noting their two exam subjects . Candidates must ensure they select papers in a combination of subjects acceptable to their proposed department of study.
  3. Candidates will receive their results within 4-6 weeks of the exams taking place.  
  4. Successful candidates must, as a condition of their acceptance of the Award, accept the University as their 'firm' choice through UCAS. The University reserves the right to withdraw Scholarships for candidates placing the University as their 'insurance' choice. The exception to this will be for candidates whose firm choice is Oxford or Cambridge University.  Candidates are advised not to place any other institution as their Firm choice via UCAS until they receive the results of the Entrance Exams.
  5. The University reserves the right to withdraw an Entrance Exam application for any candidate to whom they are unable to offer a place to study. Whilst every effort will be made to identify such candidates at the earliest opportunity, it is possible that this decision may be made after the examinations have been taken, for example when the UCAS application has been received close to the closing date for Entrance Exams and has not been fully reviewed before the date of the exams. Please note that the results of the Entrance Exams will have no bearing on this decision - the decision on whether or not to offer a place to study will be made purely on the basis of information contained within the applicant’s UCAS application form.
  6. In the case where a Department is unable to offer a candidate a place to study on their first choice of course but instead offers a place to study on a similar course which includes a foundation year, any award will be applicable to that amended scheme only.
  7. Where a candidate has applied for a scheme which includes a foundation year and is offered a place on that course, any award received will be applicable to that scheme only, and will not be automatically transferable to a 3 year degree scheme.
  8. Payments are not made during years abroad, years in employment, sandwich years, repeat years etc.
  9. Scholarship holders will be active in raising awareness of the University by engaging with promotional schemes where appropriate (e.g. visits to schools/colleges, Open Days, Visiting Days, Widening Participation activities). Students will need to register with AberWorks in order to participate, and will be paidat the standard student ambassador rate.  Further information on these opportunities will be advertised during the academic year.
  10. Scholarships are subject to the general regulations governing the awards and the tenure of all awards is subject to the Standing Orders of the Senate.
  11. The Senate will reduce or totally withhold an award if the holder has not made distinct progress in their studies as certified by their teachers and as shown in the sessional examinations of the University, or if their conduct and diligence have not been satisfactory.
  12. The Senate reserves the right of withholding any award if it is found that there is no candidate of sufficient merit, and of dividing any scholarship in case of equality, and reserves the right to modify any award in the event of a candidate obtaining an award from another body.