Aberystwyth University Students’ Union

Aberystwyth University Students’ Union (AberSU) is the recognised ‘Students’ Organisation’ at the University.

AberSU’s aim is to make sure that students have the best experience possible at University. It is led by students for students, and is a completely separate organisation from the University.


All students registered at Aberystwyth University are automatically members of AberSU unless they choose to opt out.

As a member of AberSU your membership entitles you to:

  • Vote in Students’ Union elections;
  • Vote at General Meetings;
  • Stand for any elected position within the Students' Union;
  • Be eligible to apply to be appointed as a Students' Union Trustee;
  • Take part in the running of student societies and sports teams;
  • Representation at every level within the University;
  • Help and advice to members;
  • A unified voice to campaign on issues of importance to students.

Individuals may opt out of membership of AberSU by notifying AberSU of their wish not to be a member. This must be done on an annual basis.

Individuals are entitled to opt out of the Students' Union so long as they do this within 10 days of registering with the University. Students who wish to exercise the right to opt-out from Union membership should inform the Students’ Union President by writing to Union President, Aberystwyth University Students’ Union, or email ceostaff@aber.ac.uk.

Once a student has exercised the right to opt-out of AberSU membership this will last until the end of the academic year, unless they apply to re-join by writing to or emailing the Union President using the addresses listed above. If they wish to continue to opt out they will have to indicate this again at the beginning of the next academic year.

Students who are not members of AberSU shall not be entitled to any rights or privileges granted to AberSU members. The consequences of opting out of membership shall be:

  1. A student may not participate in any of the democratic processes of AberSU;
  2. A student may not hold office in any AberSU club or society, because of the need for financial accountability to AberSU (but registered students of AU may join any AberSU club or society as associate members subject to payment of the appropriate membership fees);
  3. A student will not be represented by AberSU in any circumstance including disciplinary, grievance or academic procedures;
  4. A student may not get an NUS Extra or other Students’ Union discount card; and
  5. A student may only attend official AberSU events in the status of a guest.

AberSU Constitution

As a registered Charity, AberSU is governed by charity law and must spend its income on its core objectives.

Aberystwyth University is responsible for reviewing and agreeing amendments to AberSU’s constitution. A copy of the current constitution can be found at http://www.abersu.co.uk/yourunion/governance/smallprint/ or via the link below.


To ensure compliance with the Education Act 1994 Part II, the University has published a Code of Practice on the manner in which the requirements of the Act are to be carried out in relation to AberSU.

                Code of Practice