Optional Modules

(10 credits, unless stated otherwise)

In addition to the 3 Cert. H.E. Creative Writing - Core Modules (totalling 30 credits), you can also follow your own particular interests within the field by selecting the remaining 90 credits from a diverse range of optional modules.


Developing a Voice in Writing

Developing Creativity

Autobiographical Writing

Writing for Personal Development

Writing Short Stories

Poetry Writing 1

Poetry Writing 2

Poetry Writing 3 (20 credits)

Writing a Novel 1

Writing a Novel 2

Writing a Novel 3 (20 credits)


Scriptwriting 2

Scriptwriting 3

Writing for the Radio

Writing with Attentiveness and Feeling

Writing Ecology: Becoming a Writer of your Own Square Mile

Creative Non-Fiction



Writing Freelance Features

Storytelling and Writing for the Ear

Writing for Children: An Introduction

Writing for the Web

Writing for Publication

Words that Run with Wolves: Writing and Illustrating for Children

Words that Run with Wolves 2

The Gothic Novel

Women Writing: Feminism and Literature

Reading Film: An Introduction to Film Studies

Writing Detective and Thriller Fiction

Writing from Nature

Effective Academic Writing

Food writing

Effective Academic Writing

Presentation and public speaking for all (5 credits)

The Wonders of Multimedia: An Introduction for the Non-Technical (5 credits)











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