Natural History Illustration: Wildflowers

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Module Code: XK15205

Class Code: CW304

Place: Ynyslas Dunes

Venue: Ynyslas

Day: Sat-Sun

Start Time: 11am

End Time: 3pm

Start Date: 25-04-2023

End Date: 24-06-2023

Tutor: Bowe, Sarah(Miss)

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Full Fee: £55.00

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In this module we are going to delve into the wonderful world of wildflowers, you will be creating your own sketchbook guide to the local wildflowers in your area using the drawing, painting, and observational skills developed throughout this module. This 5-credit module is suitable for beginner artists in watercolour and drawing techniques within Natural History Illustration and for students who wish to hone their observational drawing and painting skills and create accurate paintings with fine detail and accurate colours. The module will cover drawing with pencil, ink, and watercolour painting techniques. There will also be colour mixing and form drawing techniques with ideas for drawing in the field and creating an informed and accurate visual diary. There will be guides on observation and interesting discussions on habitat and ecology. Some sessions will include two days on location. There will be an Introductory letter on the web site for more details. The early content before attending on location classes will be delivered online.


This module is at CQFW Level 4