Digital Drawing and Painting

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Module Code: XK15605

Class Code: CL206

Delivery: Online: self-paced

Day: Tuesday

Start Date: 07-02-2023

End Date: 15-06-2023

Tutor: Bowe, Sarah(Miss)

Full Fee: £55.00

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Today's freelance artist needs to be able to understand and work using digital platforms. This may require preparatory studies to see how the final image will look or to work digitally for electronic platforms of marketing.
Have you wanted to try drawing or painting with a drawing tablet? Or were you wanting to try out applying your Natural History Illustration skills or drawing skills in a new and exciting way?
This 5-credit module will cover digital drawing and painting techniques, how to use virtual brushes, applying colour and texture. We will also cover how to create your own template and using your own drawings and paintings in a digital format.
Each unit will enable you to practice technique, develop your ideas, reflect upon what you have learnt and conduct research to complement your study and extend your learning. Students should aim to complete at least 50 hours of study (even more is advisable) to get the most out of this module and to fulfil the criteria for the course. All module content is accessed through our online learning portal; you need access to a computer, camera/phone camera and to be proficient in using email.
You will need access to a drawing tablet like an iPad or Wacom drawing tablet and the appropriate software like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP or Krita, please be aware of this before joining the course.
Informal Assessment: Assessment is important to LLL courses and how they obtain funding.
1. To produce a video demonstration of you applying the digital techniques shown in the demonstrations and learnt throughout the module. 20% of marks.
2. A final piece of digitally rendered art, showing accurate colours and the techniques learnt throughout the module. 80% of marks.
Your assessment is an ongoing process that takes place throughout the course. It depends upon photographic evidence of all the work done throughout the module. You will need to send all written work, photographs of notes taken, together with practical exercises, in your visual diary, and photographs of larger pieces and final artwork which forms your portfolio. Send these for feedback and assessment. This process is for your support, it will enable you to develop your artistic skills and your ability to reflect and evaluate progress.


This module is at CQFW Level 4