In pursuit of opportunities and enterprise: I can do it!

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Module Code: XK10710

Class Code: CL130

Delivery: Online: self-paced

Start Date: 15-10-2021

End Date: 11-04-2022

Tutor: To Be Arranged,

Full Fee: £100.00

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If you want to start up a dog grooming business, a street food enterprise, creative enterprise, window cleaning or any idea for a small business; we can help you on your journey. Your learning will be informed through discovering, assessing, planning, gathering, managing and harvesting.
Entrepreneurial skills are highly prized by employers. One third of employers are looking for entrepreneurship in their workforce. (Millennial Branding sources). We cannot claim to make you an entrepreneur but we can give you the tools to source opportunities and thrash out an idea as a facilitator for enterprise. You will find out where you need help and support and provide logical steps to seeing through the mist of running your own business or social enterprise.
Embedded within the self-paced learning module, there are a wealth of extended activities delivered through collaboration with the enterprise department and a post-course pathway to Business Start-up week in June.


This module is at CQFW Level 4