Library Fines

  • Fines will only be incurred on a book requested by another user which is not returned when due.
  • Fines are charged at £2 per item per day
  • There is a maximum fine limit of £20 per item
  • Fines of more than £5 on your library account will prevent any other existing loans from being automatically renewed and you will not be able to borrow any new items
  • When you have reduced your fines to under £5 your library borrowing will become active again

Why we charge fines

Demand on Library materials (books and/or media equipment) is continually increasing. Our fines system is intended to encourage users to return borrowed items by the date they are due back so they are available for the next user. This ensures equality of access for all users.

How to avoid fines

  • Check your University email account regularly for emails about requested and overdue books
  • Check due dates in Primo (How do I do that)
  • Add your library loans into your online calendar (How do I do that?)
  • Do not lend your Aber Card to anybody else - you are liable for all items on your account returned late
  • Return your library loans on time (How do I do that?)

Paying library fines

Information on how to pay your library fines can be found here: