Network Connections in Offices and Laboratories

Information Services have the responsibility for providing network access for all rooms housing members of staff working at the University. An amount of money to subsidise this work is available but a contribution from the department involved, or from central funds where a new or refurbished area is being cabled, is also usually required.

Type of Connection

New connections are made using the technology best suited to the area at the time. At the moment most new connections are to the Category 6 UTP standard at 100Mbs, but with the option for working at 1Gbps (I Gigabit per second) at an additional cost. This allows resilient structured cabling with network management to be installed giving fault diagnostic and usage information.

In a few cases, a wireless connection may be used. This is not considered suitable for permanent connections, as a wired option currently offers a faster connection, is more robust and is required for a computer to be on the STAFF domain (used to manage antivirus and operaring system updates).


Information Services have responsibility for the AU telephony systems, which are being upgraded on a rolling programme. The new facility utilises the network cabling infrastructure for connectivity (rather than old-style separate telephone cabling), and this needs to be borne in mind when planning new buildings or refurbishments, as extra network cabling will be required.


Information Services meets most if the costs of the infrastructure between areas of the University and may subsidise the installation within departments. Where the infrastructure to a room is already in place there is no charge to make an additional line live unless a number of lines are involved, in which case, a charge will be incurred.

Where new lines are to be installed, the cost of this is met by the end customer department or central funds. Again, if a number of lines are installed then a charge for making these live will be incurred.

Network Card

To use the connection the computer or computers involved may need a 100Mbps UTP network card or wireless network card, though many new computers will almost certainly have one or both if these already installed. These can be purchased through Information Services.

Getting Connected

In the case of planned major projects it is essential to involve Information Services as early as possible to ensure that sufficient networking provision forms part of the project specification. Note that under instructions from the Finance Office work can only be scheduled once a departmental order with a debit code has been received

To arrange a connection, discuss your requirements or report any problems with existing network connections please contact our Customer Services Team in the first instance.