‌94% of UK/ EU undergraduates from the Department of International Politics who graduated in 2016 were in professional level jobs or graduate level further study six months after graduating (HESA 2018).

International Politics is for those who lead an international life. 

Our graduates work in:

  • Local and national politics
  • The Foreign Office
  • The Ministry of Defence
  • Non-Governmental Organisations
  • International organisations
  • Journalism
  • Business
  • Teaching
  • The armed forces

Many also choose the legal profession. And some love it so much, they stay on in the academia and become eminent scholars!  

*Our employability figures are taken from the Destination of Leavers in Higher Education 2015-16 survey published by Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) in June 2018.

Baroness Kay Andrews

Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords‌

Kay Andrews graduated with a BA in International Politics in 1964. She worked as a Research Clerk in the House of Commons and later became a policy adviser on health and education policy to the then Leader of the Opposition, Neil Kinnock, in 1985. Since then she has founded a charity (Out of School Learning), become a working peer on the Labour benches in the House of Lords as well as the first woman Chair of English Heritage. She is the author of a recent report for the Welsh Government on Culture, Heritage and Poverty, and has also written books and articles on science policy, social policy and education.   Read more....

Arwyn Jones

 BBC Wales Political Correspondant

Arwyn JonesIt was by pure accident that I came to be studying Politics at Aberystwyth. When I first visited Aberystwyth University, I had decided to study Law. However, when I saw the diversity of courses available in the International Politics Department and the friendly nature of the department and its staff, I changed my mind and followed a degree course in Politics. That was certainly one of the most important decisions I have ever made!

After spending four years in Aberystwyth, I worked for a charity before starting as a researcher with the BBC. The knowledge I had gained during my time in Aberystwyth was essential in getting me that job, and that information on Welsh, British and International Politics has been essential ever since.

On a practical level, I had learnt so much about the National Assembly and that was very important when I worked for S4C2, which was responsible for broadcasting so many of the Assembly’s committees and discussions.

When I became a political correspondent for the BBC, the ability to put events within their historical context was an important tool. Because of the degree programme in Aberystwyth I have the confidence and ability to do so. I am now the Educational Correspondent for BBC Wales during a general election campaign, and my politics degree is more useful than ever!!  I am grateful on a daily basis for that decision I took on my first visit to Aberystwyth University!