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Frequently asked questions

Study facilities

Can I prebook study space on Penglais Campus?

A full list of the study spaces (including computer spaces) that are available for pre-booking is available online.


Members of the same household can now book a group study room in Hugh Owen Library.

There are four group study rooms available in the Iris de Freitas Room, each with its own computer. These rooms may be used by individuals or a limited number of members from one household at any one time:

No more than two users from the same household:

  • Iris de Freitas Carrel 01

No more than 4 users from the same household:

  • Iris de Freitas Study Room 6
  • Iris de Freitas Study Room 7
  • Iris de Freitas Study Room 8

Details and the booking system are available online here.

Please observe the following when using these facilities:

  • Wipe down your work area, chair, keyboard and mouse before and at end of your session with wipes provided in the rooms
  • Clean printers/photocopiers/scanners after use.
  • Use the hand sanitiser when you enter and leave the room
  • Wear face-coverings in all University buildings unless exempted
  • Only sit at the designated marked locations in the room
  • Observe the 2-metre social distancing rule
  • Observe any one-way systems around the rooms
  • Use your own Aber Card to swipe to enter and exit the room

What is the latest on Libraries and Information Services?

Please see our webpage Latest updates on IT and Library services for the latest information on our services.

Taught postgraduates completing studies in 2021

How will my Master’s degree classification be determined?

In the normal way except that students whose average falls within 2% of any borderline will be raised to the higher class provided they meet the preponderance criteria stated in the Examination Conventions.  There will be no Window of Opportunity based on Special Circumstances this academic year now that students are being provided with uncapped resit opportunities as well as the chance to improve upon pass marks, and because Special Circumstances forms and evidence are not required for semesters one and two or for dissertations.

What happens if I’m unhappy with my degree classification?

If you are unhappy with your final degree classification, you will be able to choose to decline your award and take resits at the next available opportunity. You will be invited to make this choice as soon as results are published. This will be on the basis of ‘no detriment’: that students opting to resit who perform less well, will still be able to accept the original award. If you do not complete the indicative degree class task to let us know if you wish to accept or decline the indicative degree class, you will be treated as having accepted it.


International students on a Tier 4 or Student visa, who wish to apply to the Graduate route, need to be aware that if you decide to decline your award and take resits, then you may not be eligible to apply to the Graduate route visa if your current Student visa expires before the release of the resit marks and award of degree. Further advice is available from the International Student Advisor, email

Can I change my mind later about accepting or declining my degree class?

Once you have accepted the degree class you will not be able to change your mind. If you decline, you will still be able to accept the indicative class later.

I don’t want to take my ‘indicative’ degree class’ but I need a letter for my employer to confirm that I have qualified for my degree.

We can provide you with a letter to confirm that you have already qualified for your degree even if you have decided to take resits.  

Can I resit all my modules for the full mark?

All modules with an H resit indicator can be resat for the full mark.  Resit indicators of T will be resat for a capped mark (these will apply where the mark was previously capped).  If you decide to resit a module that you have passed, that will also be a resit for the full mark. This will be on the basis of ‘no detriment’: that students opting to resit who perform less well, will still be able to accept the original mark. Note that in cases where Unacceptable Academic Practice penalties have been applied, resits may be capped or not allowed at all.

How many attempts do students have to improve on a module mark they have already passed?

Master’s students will have one opportunity to improve on a pass mark awarded in the 2020-21 academic year.  They will be able to take the resit in August 2021 or during the following session.

Can I appeal my module marks or degree result?

Yes, you can submit an appeal if you have grounds. Eligible grounds are shown in the appeals procedure at:

Before you decide to submit an appeal, please remember that you already have the opportunity to take further assessments to try to improve your marks. If you are not sure whether submitting an appeal could lead to a different outcome, please contact either the Registry at and/or the Students’ Union at for advice.

The current situation has affected my studies, can I submit a Special Circumstances form?

Students will not be asked to submit Special Circumstances forms and evidence for modules assessed during semesters one and two of the 2020-21 academic session or for their dissertation module; students unable to complete assessments, for whatever reason, will automatically be granted uncapped resit opportunities for non-submissions or in the case of failure; this suspension of our normal Special Circumstances procedure will be temporary to cover this academic session and does not extend to the resit period in August. 

Will special circumstances change a student’s module marks?

No, we do not change module marks on the basis of special circumstances.  

Will there be a cap on the number of resits I can take in August 2021?

No, for August 2021 only there will be no cap on the number of modules you can resit.

Will I be charged for resits in August 2021?

No, there will be no charge for resits in August 2021.

Where do I go to get advice on whether or not I should resit?

Your department will be able to offer you academic advice regarding your resits.  If you need advice regarding registering for resits you should contact

How do I register to resit modules?

You will be asked to complete a task on your student record to opt to resit or not when results are released. The task will be available on your student record the same day as your results are released and you will be given a deadline for registration.  

Is the summer resit assessment period still due to run as scheduled?

The resit exam period will run in August, however, we have extended the dates so that the resit period will begin on Monday 9 August and end on Thursday 26 August 2021. This will not involve campus-based exams.

Do the Unacceptable Academic Practice regulations still apply during the current situation?

Yes, the regulations associated with unacceptable academic practice (UAP) will still apply. If a UAP allegation is found to be substantiated, the penalty will be assigned according to the Points-based Penalty System, and will override the opportunity for an uncapped resit.