Angela Romero Vergel BSc. Agronomic Engineering - Universidad Nacional de Colombia; PhD Student in Biological Sciences (Plant Physiology, Crop Modelling, Remote Sensing)

 Angela Romero Vergel



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Agronomist Engineer from Universidad Nacional de Colombia with experience in plant physiology of several crops (maize, sorghum, tomato, potato, asparagus and other tropical perennial crops) in Colombia, Peru, USA and UK. I have worked on a research project in potato using spectral information and crop modelling to detect and characterize drought responses. The result of this work has been published (Romero et. al. 2017). Now, I am developing a crop model linked with remote sensing data from satellites for yield prediction of asparagus cultivated in Peru as a PhD student. Also, I am crop modeller assitance for EO4cultivar project, calibrating a crop model for banana crop cultivated in Colombia.

Additional Information

- Physiological Assessment of Water Stress in Potato Using Spectral Information.  Frontiers in Plant Science

- Assessment of water stress in two cultivars of potato plants using spectral Information.XXVII Congreso de la Asociación Latioamericana de la Papa (ALAP). Panamá. Speaker.January 1, 2016

- Undergraduate Research Experience Purdue – Colombia UREP-C. Impacts of Potassium (K) on Crop Yield and Drought Response Colombia- Purdue University. EE-UU

-  Waterlogging affects the growth and biomass production of “Chonto” tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum L.), cultivated under shading. Agronomia Colombiana Vol. 8 - No. 1 - pp. 92-102.January 1, 2014


My PhD project is looking for improve prediction of crop performance by linking remote sensing data of Sentinel 2 (optical) and Sentinel 1 (radar) to physiologycal models for important crops in  Peru and Colombia. Initially I am focussing on production of asparagus in Peru and banana in Colombia.

My approach will use crop modelling and plant physiology field data collected by the country partners to identity factors affecting yield such as biotic and abiotic stress and relating this to the remote sensing products.The aim of my work is to develop an improved tool for yield prediction using remotely sensed data to study plant physiology for the target crops.

This study is part of the EO4 cultivar project managed by Environment Systems funded by the UK Space Agency under the International Partnership Programme.