Dr. Jo Wallace awarded grant from URF

29 November 2011

Dr. Jo Wallace has been awarded a grant of £5786 from the University Research Fund to study the effects of creatine supplementation and exercise on bone health. The objective is to develop an innovative nutritional and physical-activity intervention to improve bone remodelling and decelerate the progression of osteoporosis. If successful, this could lead to considerable improvements in the well-being of older people. The pilot study will determine whether a nutritional supplement of creatine can attenuate bone resorption and if taken in combination with exercise, it can augment bone turnover and bone health.

Sepcifically, the project aims to establish the effects of creatine monohydrate supplementation on markers of bone turnover and assess whether creatine supplementation can increase the energy availability for bone metabolism and therefore promote bone formation whilst undertaking a strenuous 6 week sprint interval training.