Musculoskeletal Disorders

HealthBack Pain can make day to day life difficult, especially at work. This page provides you with all the information you will need on musculoskeletal disorders including how to prevent and combat back pain.

Recent discoveries suggest that as an individual’s stress levels increase the risk of suffering from an MSD injury increases. When an individual feels stress a number activations take place in the brain. These activations trigger a number of activities in the body including reduced circulation resulting from an increased heart rate and blood pressure, corticosteroids acting on the kidneys which disrupt the body’s fluid and mineral balance, and the production of cytokines which are pro-inflammatory and affect the tendons. Therefore stress is an MSD risk factor as it damages employees by impairing their working efficiency.

                                University guidance on managing musculoskeletal disorders can be found below.

                                                           Guidance on Managing Musculoskeletal Disorders


Health & Well-being

Physical activity, nutrition, working posture and mental stress are all important components of physical and psychological well-being.

'Back pain affects nearly everyone at some point, but is rarely serious and the best advice is to keep moving and stay active.' (Welshbacks)