Early Retirement for Staff in AUPP/USS Pension Schemes

Employees looking to change their working pattern, job, leave or retire, may wish to arrange a “strictly confidential” meeting with their Human Resources Business Partners.  HRBP know the policies and procedures well and can guide employees through the many AU policies which support changes which can benefit work life balance, family arrangements, early retirement, flexible retirement, etc.


1. Introduction to Early Retirement

Staff may wish to express their interest in, and thereafter make an application for early retirement in the interests of the efficient exercise of University functions.

2. Criteria for Eligibility

The scheme is a discretionary one and the it should be noted that applications for VER will be at the absolute discretion of the University. Applications, where supported by the Head of Department will require a clear business case written by the Head of Department /Faculty for consideration by the University Executive.

If you are a member of the Aberystwyth University Pension Plan you can access your retirement benefits from age 55.