Holiday Pay

Full pay is payable during holidays. For the purpose of calculating accrued holiday entitlement on termination of employment, one-twelfth of the leave entitlement is allowed for each completed month of service in the current leave year.

If at the termination of employment with the University a member of staff had holiday entitlement which they have not yet taken, they would normally be required to take that leave during the period of notice given to, or by, them. If at the effective date of termination of employment there was still annual leave due, subject to the provisions of the following paragraph, they would be paid accrued pay in respect of those days at the rate applicable to holiday pay at the time. This payment would be in addition to any other payments due from the University. If, however, the member of staff was summarily dismissed, or left the University's service without giving due notice in accordance with their contract of employment, no entitlement to holiday pay would exist.

Where, at the date of leaving, the pro-rata holiday entitlement had been exceeded, an appropriate deduction may be made from the final salary payment.