Report on Sustainable and ethical purchasing and food policy statement 2020-21

Hospitality Services, Aberystwyth University


Seasonality, sustainability and local produce


  • The Hospitality Department has increased the amount of seasonal produce that is used through planning and promoting of menus that reflect regional produce seasonality to staff, students and public. 
  • Meat sourcing:- We have continued to use all our  lamb from the university farms and have increased the local purchase of Welsh beef, chicken and pork. All our meat purchased is now red tractor and farm assured. 
  • Fruit and vegetables. We continue to source as much of our fruit and vegetables from farms in Wales. All of our potatoes are sourced from farms in Ceredigion. We maintained the overall local purchase of fruit and vegetables at 27% in 2019-20.
  • Fish:- All of our fish purchased is accredited as from sustainable stocks from the Marine Conservation Society. We will continue our efforts to be able to purchase our fish from Cardigan bay through continued discussions with local suppliers.
  • Eggs:- all of our eggs are sourced from Birchgrove and so are free range. We have been given the Good egg Award as verification of this. 


Environmental impact and analysis


  • Packaging:- We continue to work closely with HEPCW and TUCO to ensure that this is part of all retenders. 100% of all packing is now recycled. All disposable products that we use are either recycled or 100% biodegradable. This includes all packaging that is produced by the department.
  • We are working closely with HEPCW and TUCO as well as Aberystwyth purchasing department to ensure that all relevant local suppliers are invited to tender for the allocation of local lots for the regional tenders. Assistance for this is also offered by HEPCW to the suppliers.
  • Refuse:- the department at present recycles all of its cardboard, glass and plastic, this has been increased to include tins. We now Recycle all of our food from Penbryn and the Students Union. We will be working alongside the Estates department to achieve a zero carbon campus.  


Ethical and Well Being


  • The Hospitality continues to support Fairtrade products in line with the University’s Fairtrade Policy. We offer as standard Fairtrade bananas, chocolates, juices, tea and coffee as well as Fairtrade wine and clothing. We will seek to increase the fair-trade product range as they become available and within the price bracket for our customers.
  • The Hospitality Department continue to promote and encourage Health and Well Being, through the reduction in its use of artificial additives, salt and fats in all its foods. We also will continue to run the annual health and well being week with emphasis on balanced and nutritional food through promotion and price point.  
  • We also continue to promote healthy options on the menu thorough price point.
  • Hospitality Services will continue to develop and adhere to the Nutrition policy as launched in 2015.


The department continues to strive to improve its sustainable and ethical food purchasing as well as promotion and education to our customers of healthy and balanced eating 




Jeremy Mabbutt

Head of Hospitality Services

Aberystwyth University