Sustainable and Ethical Food

At Aberystwyth University we take great care of what we buy and where from. We have endeavoured over the years, to continually look at our purchasing to find ways of making this more sustainable and also more ethical and environmentally friendly.

To this end we look to source as much as our produce locally as we can, for example all our yoghurts are made here in Aberystwyth.

We also look to reduce our waste through our recycling, but also look at what disposables we use. For example all of our sandwich packaging, take away box's, plastic (well PLA actually) cups and cutlery are all 100% biodegradable. 

Also because we are by the sea, we have a Plastics Policy to help us eradicate all single use plastics in our outlets. 

This commitment from the department is set out in our policy and review attached.

Please have a read and help us to make ever greater steps in this journey that we are all on, to increase the sustainability of our University.

Many Thanks