What happens if I withdraw from catered accommodation during the year?

Bear in mind that the value credited to your Aber Card at the start of the term is calculated on the expectation that you will be resident for the full term. If you withdraw early we will recalculate your inclusive entitlement on a pro-rate basis according to the number of days' accommodation you have paid for.

For example, if you leave halfway through term, thus only paying half a term's accommodation fees, your Loyalty Card inclusive credit entitlement will also be one half of the original sum. If you have in fact spent more than this amount, you will be invoiced for the difference.

If you will be withdrawing early, please consult the Hospitality Finance Office who can give an indication of how much your revised allowance should be and thus how much you have left to spend safely. Do not try to use up all the remaining value on the card as you are liable for the amount by which you exceed your inclusive allowance! Please contact the Residences team at Penbryn reception for further assistance.