Aber Gift Card Scheme - Terms & Conditions


Aberystwyth University operates a pre paid debit and discount scheme (‘the scheme”) using the Aber Gift Card (“the Card”) for the exchange of goods and services at outlets owned or managed by Aberystwyth University. The terms upon which the ‘Aber Gift Card’ scheme is operated are set out below. 

How can I buy a Gift Card?

  • A Gift Card can be purchased from any outlet on Campus. This includes, but is not exclusive to, Aberystwyth Arts Centre Book Shop and Craft Shop, TaMed Da, TaMed bach , IBERbach, SGUBORfach, Sports Centre and Hugh Owen Library.
  • Gift cards can be topped up at any of our outlets as well as online at the following link:- https://abercard.aber.ac.uk/index.php?lang=en 
  • Neither the sums of money credited to the card nor any balance accrued on the card will attract any interest.

Where the Card can be used?

  • The Gift Card can be used at all outlets in the Arts Centre, Sports Centre, Gift and Book shop, all hospitality outlets including Hugh Owen Library.
  • All purchases made to franchises and other outlets on any Aberystwyth university campus’ are excluded from the scheme.

How is the Card used?

  • The card must be presented at the time of purchase, where the value of the transaction will be debited from the card. A receipt will be issued with all purchases which will detail any remaining balance on the card.

What if I lose the Card?

  • When you buy your gift card, we ask you to please keep the receipt safe. As this is used as the proof of ownership of the card.
  • A replacement card can be purchased for £1.00, which your remaining balance can be loaded onto.
  • Please note that the card balance is only transferable with a receipt of the original card purchase.
  • Aberystwyth University does not accept any liability for any fraudulent use of lost or stolen cards, and will only credit a balance to a replacement card at the time and date that a card is reported as lost or stolen to the Hospitality services department at Aberystwyth University.

Sundry Terms and Conditions

  • The card balance is valid a period of 12 months from the card being last used. If a card is dormant for a period of longer than 12 months, then the balance will be cleared from the card.
  • Any refund requested from a Gift Card, will be subject to a £5.00 administration charge. 
  • The card is deemed to be the property of Aberystwyth University at all times, and is not transferable from the participant from whom it is issued. Aberystwyth University Reserve the right to request the return of the card and should they do so, will pay any outstanding balance to the participant on receipt.
  • Aberystwyth University does not accept any liability for the loss or damage to any of the cards.
  • Aberystwyth University reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of the card without giving any prior notice to the card holder.
  • The Gift Card scheme is a payment method for goods and services that are provided by Aberystwyth University. This does not alter nor supersede the consumers’ rights as laid out under UK Law.
  • Aberystwyth University do not accept any liability for any product or service purchased via the scheme, except that by standard UK law.