Advice for Parents & Guardians

If your son or daugther's results aren’t what they expected, they’ve changed their minds about what course to study or they've only just decided to study at university, our Clearing service at Aberystwyth is a simple way for students to find the right place for them.

Anyone who’s waiting to receive their results on 18 August 2022 can enter Clearing on results day. Not all universities and not all courses are available in Clearing, so it’s worth checking what is available and doing some research before results come through.

How does Clearing work?

Students can find out if they’re eligible for Clearing by logging into their UCAS Hub account. They will also receive an email from their Firm and Insurance universities confirming if they’ve been successful in obtaining a place. If your child missed the grades they needed for both their Firm and Insurance offers, their Clearing Number will appear on UCAS Hub automatically. The Clearing Number is the code they use to secure any future course offer they want to accept.

As soon as they have their Clearing Number and their list of university and course choices, they can start calling up university hotlines. If they’re asked to apply to a course and want to take up the place, they need to add the course as their Clearing choice on UCAS Hub. They can only enter one choice.

Clearing moves at a rapid pace; students are ready to make calls and find out which courses are available at different universities from early on results day. Preparation is key to students getting the course and university they want.

How to help your child prepare for Clearing

  • Help them with research
    It’s never too early to prepare, whether it’s finding out more about Aberystwyth or making a list of courses they’re interested in. The sooner they know what they want to apply for, the sooner they can call in the morning on results day;
  • Prepare for the phone call
    The call into a Clearing hotline can be quite daunting, however, we are here to help. It's important that they have all their facts straight and they don’t feel nervous! Run through the call a few times, make sure they have their qualifications ready in front of them and know all the details about the courses they want to apply for. You can’t make the call for them, but you can help make sure they’ve got all the basic info they need ready:

    - Clearing Number
    - UCAS Personal ID
    - Qualifications details (including A level, AS level, GCSE and
      equivalent results)

    - Login details for UCAS Track
    - Notes on the course/university