The ability to communicate confidently through the medium of Welsh and English, both written and orally, is an advantageous skill for the workplace.  Studying through the medium of Welsh and bilingually will develop these skills and give you an advantage in the jobs market, not only over people who are able to speak one language, but also over candidates who are able to speak Welsh, but haven’t developed their skills to a graduate level.

Why are bilingual skills important to employers?

  • In the public sector, there is a statutory requirement to provide services through the medium of Welsh.
  • Because the public receive services through the medium of Welsh, they expect to be provided with the same level of service in the private sector.
  • Customers/clients appreciate receiving their services through the medium of Welsh.
  • Provide a Welsh experience, which includes hearing Welsh and seeing it in print, as a marketing tool.
  • Expand the target audience.
  • Attracting and maintaining new customers/clients
  • Improve the company/organisation’s image
  • Social responsibility – supporting language and culture in society.
  • Show respect to customers/clients in the wider community
  • Follow good practice and promote a high standard of business/service.
  • Promote equality

Smaller classes

The number of students attending Welsh medium lectures and seminars tends to be smaller, meaning that the classes are friendly, and it is often the case that tutors have more time to offer their support.  You will get to know your fellow students and tutors better. Research shows that students in smaller class sizes are likely to achieve higher marks than students in large class sizes.

Developing translingual skills

Even if you are studying through the medium of Welsh, you will also need to make use of English resources (and other languages if you’re studying modern languages or Celtic studies).  The process of translanguaging (utilising the information found in one language in another language) when writing notes and assessments will assist your understanding and analysis of reading material. It is not possible to copy without understanding when translanguaging!

Financial support

Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol Scholarships are available to students who are studying through the medium of Welsh. Students studying over 5 credits a year through the medium of Welsh will automatically receive an Aberystwyth University . 


Welsh medium classes have a friendly atmosphere, and you will join a vibrant community of students who are also studying through the medium of Welsh.

Education of the highest quality

You will receive education of the highest quality by subject specialists who use the best traditional and modern teaching methods.

Innovative teaching methods

Welsh medium modules use a number of innovative techniques such as lecture capture, multimedia learning resources, video-conferencing, residential sessions with professionals and on-line resources, to support the more traditional learning techniques, such as lectures and using the library.